The 3 Hour Delivery Experience

Have your items delivered in 3 hours or less without spending 10 – 30 minutes in line at the post office! Simply place a booking and have a courier pick-up your parcel and have it delivered in 3 hours or less as long as point A and B are within 60km of each other.

Cargone couriers innovative software connects you to couriers found all across the map waiting to make the next delivery. By simply downloading the app or booking through our website, you can have a courier pick-up your parcel and have it transported conveniently. You can also live-track the whole delivery process from point A to B straight from your device and contact the courier directly in case you need to.

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s convenient and it’s powered by Zoom2u.

Express Courier

Zoom2u enables you to live track your parcel in real time, provide access to couriers information and connect you to a wide network of couriers all around Australia. They can get your parcel delivered fast with a touch of a button and have your eyes on it throughout the entire process right at the palm of your hand!