A Melbourne courier service established in 2010. Cargone Couriers is owned and operated by Blane Muntz a working courier himself.

Book direct with your courier

Do you have time for your next courier service / job to be passed from operator to dispatcher to courier? We don't think so. That's why we've done away with all that middle-man-stuff - at Cargone Couriers, your job goes directly to the courier. Easy! How it works is this:

1. You submit a booking online.

2. We confirm the booking by your requested method of contact (email, text or phone) giving you the details of the courier who has accepted your job.

3. Upon delivery, the courier will confirm the job has been completed, again via your requested method of contact. Alternatively, customers with a Cargone Couriers account can track the status of their deliveries on the My Booking page of their account.


Why setup an account?

Creating an account with Cargone Couriers lets you see the status of your bookings online. You can also view your account balance and booking history. As an account holder you will receive a monthly invoice. Cargone Couriers does not charge account keeping or administration fees. Account holders may receive discounted rates - get in touch to ask about this possibility.

Cargone Couriers is rated 5/5 based on 13 Customer Reviews