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Cargone Couriers is owned by zoom2u.

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Product Review 2019 Awards Winner
Some quick facts about Zoom2u:
  • 1. Australian Owned.
  • 2. We have processed over 1M deliveries via our platform.
  • 3. Highest ranked courier platform in 2019

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Zoom2u is fast and easy. If you are thinking of hiring an express courier delivery in Melbourne, Zoom2u can connect you with most trusted, dedicated and friendliest couriers in the area with a click of a button.


Cargone Courier was acquired in 2018 by Zoom2u, a platform changing the way deliveries are experienced. Zoom2u connects you with couriers in your area and enables you to track your parcel in real time.

Zoom2u was started in 2014 and has grown rapidly in the short time since. To date the Platform has a network of over 1300 couriers across the country and those couriers have delivered more than 600,000 parcels.

Getting started with Zoom2u is simple. Click here to sign up and you can place your first delivery in a matter of minutes.

If you’re based in Melbourne and would like to speak to your local account manager call Tim Demunk on 0421 671 819