Go Coast to Coast with Interstate Delivery

Simply book a courier and have your parcel on the other side of the continent in a click of a button. Our innovative platform connects you to the widest network of independent couriers found all across Australia who all work together to get your parcel where it needs to be no matter where it is in the country.

Skip the post office and book online or download our app for a seamless interstate delivery experience.

You can have a courier pick-up your parcel and have it transported without taking a 10-30 minute trip to the post office. You can also live-track the whole delivery process from point A to B straight from your device and contact the courier directly in case you need to.

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s convenient and it’s powered by Zoom2u.

Express Courier

Zoom2u enables you to live track your parcel in real time, provide access to couriers information and connect you to a wide network of couriers all around Australia. They can get your parcel delivered fast with a touch of a button and have your eyes on it throughout the entire process right at the palm of your hand!